Levy Lorenzo plays electronics and percussion

Mark Applebaum: Aphasia (2010) | Levy Lorenzo | Rewire Festival 2021 from Digitice on Vimeo.

Peter Evans Ensemble from Roulette Intermedium on Vimeo.

Laura Steenberge - Perseus Slays the Gorgon Medusa Radical 2 duo- April 2015 @ CCRMA

MODIFIED ATTACK (2012) by Levy Lorenzo, for Logitech Attack 3 Joystick and MAX/MSP

Radical 2 @ Quiet Cue - Berlin - FULL SET - 60 minutes - June 2014
Works by Schubert, Applebaum, Burkhardt, Podgorseck and Radical 2

solo electronics

Nothing To Say (for FM Koala Trio), Electronic Instrument Design and Composition
Nov 21, 2010, Stony Brook University

Ampaction, by Elad Shniderman & Levy Lorenzo May 9, 2010, Stony Brook University

Air Marimba February 2010

Improvisation for Teacups and Light June 2, 2010, Miller Theater (New York, NY)

Roger Reynolds - Autumn Island (1987) May 12,2009, SUNY Stony Brook (video in 2 parts)

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Mikrophonie I
for Tamtam, 2 microphones, 2 filters, and controllers @ The Tank (New York, NY), November 24, 2009 (video in 4 parts)

Helmut Lachenmann - Trio Fluido (1968) May 12, 2009, Stony Brook, New York
Eileen Mack - Clarinet, David Hamano - Viola (video in 2 parts)

Harrison Birtwistle - "For O, For O, the Hobbyhorse is Forgot" - ritual for percussion sextet
Stony Brook Percussion Group, directed by Eduardo Leandro
Record at Staller Center for the Arts (SUNY Stony Brook), March 4, 2009 (video in 3 parts)

Bleu Jusqu'au Blanc , by Stefano Gervasoni, in its first American performance.
Staller Center at Stony Brook University, October 28, 2010. Contemporary Chamber Players, Eduardo Leandro conducting.
part 1/2

part 2/2